Brevetti Gasparin s.r.l. has been established in 1960 and it is specialized in the production of machines and equipment for alimentary sector, and exactly with slicers, wrapping and filling machines, with relative connections between the same.


Since its inception in 1960 has been able to make a difference in the market thanks to its wide range of products and offer solutions that knows how to propose and find out for every different customer needs: FROM CUTTING TO PACKAGING.

Foto fuera de la empresa 1960
Company picture 1960

The wide range of products that has developed over the years, enabling it to satisfy all the production requirements, from medium low to high industrial productivity.


The continued commitment and on going maintenance of the quality of its products over the years have allowed to Brevetti Gasparin to address the larger part of the market on the middle and industry sector, with solutions targeted and designed for each different request.


The study and design of specific solutions and the ability to listen and interact with its customers, enabling it to be on the market today TO MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!

Foto fuera de la empreza hoy
Company picture today
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