Buns Slicing & Packaging

Slicing and Flow-Packaging line

The lines for the slicing and flow-pack packaging can differ according to the different customer request. Each slicer through appropriate feeding system can be combined with a flow-pack machine for a  semiautomatic or full automatic working production cycle.



Slicing And Bagging Line

The buns can be sliced and bagged in different formats and ways, thanks to the wide range of slicing solutions and the different models of bagger machine available. Only thanks to the combination in line of these two typology of machines is possible to satisfy all the different requests of our customers.



Slicing and Bulb-Packer line

The packaging machine with L-sealers performs a wire sealing on the pack and according to the different production request, there are different models available.

In combination with the  bun  slicers this typology of packaging machine can offer a  semiautomatic  or  automatic  solution of slicing and bulk pack packaging for medium/big packs of product.



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