Slicing and Flow-Packaging

Toast Bread Line


The automatic line of slicing and packaging for tin bread, loaves of bread, has been designed for the needs of medium and high production  of bread loaf cutting. Completely automatic, with automatic passage between the machines the system can reach a production up to a maximum of 60/70 pieces per minute and with a cooling tower combination, allows a continuous cycle of the production process.

Due to the different possible combinations of slicer and packaging machines, it is possible to achieve higher or lower productions depending on the productivity needs.

Providing the plant with the relative optional and applications, the line is suitable for the automatic slicing and packaging of TOAST BREAD and LOAVES with irregular dimensions.




Square Loaf Line


Designed for the needs of packaging of the slices lying, the Square loaf line, thanks to the loading system tailored, the cutting slices in exit from the slicer are split into groups, rotated at 90° and lyed on the conveyor of the packaging machine. All the process is completely automatic with the ability to provide the requested number of slices in each pack (pila) and how many groups of slices to pack together.


Round Bread Line


The Round bread line represents a new concept to slice and pack round bread. The innovation, that with this kind of line is possible to get, is the slicing of all the product  thanks to the working perfomed in line that guarantee the correct driving of all the slices compactly by appropriate lateral conveyors and system that avoid the fall of them. It means that the lateral ends slices have not to be left with a thicker thickness of slice.


Slicing & Bagging

Slicing And Bagging Line


The cutting and bagging line can be studied in different ways  both in semiautomatic or automatic system according to the different output needs and bagging system request.


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