Crustless Bread

spaziaturaCrustless Bread Slicing Line

The automatic lines of slicing and packaging for crustless bread are composed by decruster, slicer and packaging machine all combined in line with appropriate feeding system for a full automatic system.

Different are the packaging composition gettable on each line according to the requests and needs of the customers.

All the automatic “tramezzino” lines are developed to represent in compact way an automatic and effective system for the industry linked to the production of this type of product.





Different are the solutions of decrusting loaves, studied and designed in base of the different needs and hour production.

The purpose of a decrusting machine is to remove the crusts in all the sides from the loaf, fastly and getting at the same time a good cutting result on the peeled surface. For this reason in all our decrusting machines the cutting is perfomed with a continuous band blade for a fast work, good and clean cutting result uniform in all the surface.


Filled Sandwich


Using an automatic slicer machine for the cut of filled sanwiches is the more suitable and faster solution to reduce the working time, getting always a good cutting result on the product. The range of slicers employed for this kind of work are reciprocating type and they can be equipped with one or more cutting lines depending on the production request. Completely in stainless steel and heavy  structure designed they can be combined at the end in line or stand alone with manual loading.


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