Croutons and Focaccia

Round Croutons Slicing


There are several possible solutions for the slicing of round croutons working with reciprocating or continuous band blades, according to the different needs of hourly production and size of the initial loaf and final thickness slices. For an automatic system of TRAY LOADING, the slicers can be combined in line with a vibrators system to lay down each single slice and  automatic loading on the tray.


Croutons Line


The combination in line of more slicing machines with automatic steps between them, allow to get as final product the croutons, square or rectangular.


Focaccia Line


The focaccia line was designed for the automatic portioning of Focaccia trays in smaller portions, thereby reducing the operator’s work and unnecessary continuous steps from one slicer to the other, thanks to the combination in line of more slicer machines.


Knackebrot Line


As in the focaccia line, the Knackebrot line was designed for the automatic portioning of the product trays through the combination in line of more cutting heads.


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