Rusk Bred Slicing


Solid and compact, the range of the slicers available for the slicing of rusk bread, is studied for a continuous and intensive work during the day. The slicers can have single use, it means semiautomatic solution with manual loading and unloading of it, or  combined in line with the slice spreader for a complete automatic production cycle.


Biscuits Slicing

The category of biscuits slicing includes the slicing of plum cakes, biscuits and products containing fruits. The slicing of this kind of products requires a model of slicer equipped with a strong frame and all the necessary applications for the good cutting result. The kind of cut obtainable on the using of these typologies of slicers can be of two types, according to the request: smooth or rough. 


The rough cutting result is got by the slicing of product with a guillotine. In this way, during the cutting the product is not cut, but broken obtining so a rough cut, typical of the home-made products.


The smooth cutting result is got by the use of the alternative motion of the blades. In this, the single slices of the sliced product are smooth and uniform in all the surface.


Sponge Cake Slicing

The slicing machines suitable for the Sponge Cake cutting are provided with cutting head with continuous band blades for a clear, smooth and clean cutting result.

Beside to the standard version of these type of slicers suitable for this kind of work, there are version that can be equipped with one or more cutting head in line for multiple cutting in layers of the products according to the needs and requests of the customer.


Ultrasonic Slicing


The ultrasonic cutting machine appears to be an indispensable alternative for the slicing of all those products where it is impossible the use of traditional cutting techniques. With thousands of oscillations per second of the special Titanium blade mounted on the slicer is gotten clean, smooth and uniform cut of round, square or rectangular products and of different shapes. Providing the machine with multiple cutting heads side by side is possible to execute cuts of large products or to use them for the multiple simultaneous cutting. Loaded in entry manually or automaticly, the slicer can be combined in exit with an automatic loading system on flow-pack for the packaging of portions or whole cut product.


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