Buns Slicing

Total Cut

The range of the horizontal  slicers, suitable  for  the  TOTAL cut  of  product, is  composed  by  different  models, according to the production request, dimension of the product and number of cuts that has to be performed on it.

The cutting head of the slicers works with a countinuous band blade and the benefits obtained  working  in  this  way,  instead than the alternative motion of the blade, are:

– smooth cutting result and uniformity in all the surface

– crumbs don’t stop inside the product during the cutting.

They are dragged out thanks to the countinuous movement of the blade

– high output.


Hinge Partial Cut


The  partial  slice  of  the  products  is  performed by cutting disks. When is required the hinge cut, the product passing through the disk is sliced only on one side, remaining unsliced/ attached on the other edge.

The  range  of  slicers  available  for  the  partial  cut includes slicers suitable for the partial cut horizontally or vertically , in one line or more, as per customer requirements.


Web Partial Cut


The  WEB  partial  cut  differs  to  the  hinge  cut  on  the  part  of product in which it remains kept together. Always sliced partial, on the web cut, the part unsliced of the product is on the middle, it means that during the cut, also in this case working with cutting disks, they cut on the sides the product laterally.


Special Applications


When is required the total cut of the buns with the two parts of it side by side, in exit, the slicer machine mod. 110 V-DP allows to do that. The products are loaded manually or automatically in standing position on the slicer and through a vertical cutting head equipped with a continuous band blade, the total cut is performed on it. There are the lateral conveyors that lead the buns during the cutting phase and in exit the buns are opened with the two halves side by side.

As option in exit, it is possible to combine a filling machine for the spread of the cream or similar on the top.


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