Bread Slicing

Reciprocating Blade Slicing

The range of the reciprocating slicer machine works with the alternative motion of the blades and this is usually used when it is not required the industrial output with high speed of cut. They are equipped with an upper and lower conveyor belt in entry, for the driving of the product through the blades with adjustable advancement speed.

The use of the alternative blades motion is suitable and sometimes the best solution for the slicing of products with raisin, fruits and chocolate inside, getting an excellent cutting result without damage the product surface.


Continuous Blade Slicing

Working with a continuous band blades is possible to reach high output, so it means high working speed, getting a smooth cutting result and uniformity in all the surface of each slice.

Thanks to the special driving system of the blades equipped on this type of slicer is guarantee the uniform slice thickness of each slice. For special enquires of slicing of rye products or similar, on the slicer is equipped a system for the lubrification of the blades during the cutting, so we can slice without any problem this particular typology of bread, very sticky.


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